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The Landscapes Beneath, Life Above exhibition opens tomorrow, Saturday, 11am at the Kari Gallery.

Come along, meet Christine Brown, Leisa Gunton, and other amazing artists.
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KARI blog start

This blog for KARI will let members post updates on exhibitions, their own artworks and related adventures (and perhaps some unrelated too, as art is a kind of mirror to broader life). It will also let visitors post reactions, comments, and other feedback (please be polite).

To post here you'll need to join Dreamwidth (it's free). This minimises the number of spammers we have to deal with, while letting us open the blog as widely as possible to those who wish to comment.

KARI is the Kenilworth Artist-Run Initiative -- a loose collection of artists who operate a gallery at 10a Elizabeth St, Kenilworth, Queensland. We maintain a webpage at http://www.kariarts.com.au and a presence on facebook.

Dreamwidth is a free, open-source blogging site that operates without advertisements. It is free to join Dreamwidth. Paid membership is completely optional.
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